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Meet Our Mares
It has been said by knowledgeable breeders that if you don’t have a good mare you don’t have anything.  The mare’s contribution to the foal is important for several reasons, two of which are:  1) genetically the stallion passes on the x chromosome to his filly progeny only, while the mare passes the x chromosome to both fillies and colts.  2) The foal learns much of its behavior from the dam.  For this reason we hand selected our mares from one of the best ranches in the country. Conformation, color, and consistency along with a good mind and willingness to please are goals of our breeding program.  Click on pictures below for more information on each mare.
Miss Poco 275  - “Trinity”   
Miss Poco 277 - “Annie”  
Miss Poco 278 - “Rosie”  
Miss Poco 280 - “Sonia”  
Miss Poco 284 - “Betty”  
Miss Poco 287 - “Sugar”  
Miss Poco 288 - “Kitty”  
Pocos Cocoa Bueno - “Cocoa” 
Miss Poco 270 - “Sally”  
Miss Poco 271 - “Fury”  
Miss Poco 274 - “Phoenix”  
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